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NASA Apollo accurate replica tether hook – Machined Aluminum

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NASA Apollo accurate replica tether hook – Machined Aluminum

This is a fully functional, very accurate copy of the 1960’s Apollo safety tether, locking clip (carbineer). 
With New corrected more accurate “PUSH TO LOCK” graphics
During the Apollo missions, there were a couple of versions of these tether hooks, both made from aluminum. A small one like this and a larger one. The small hook was vapor blasted (also know as vapor honing) then clear anodized, with most hooks having a black anodized button. 
This new version has the more common black lock/unlock button. (See last photo of a real flown Tether hook)
This was CNC machined in aircraft aluminum, and the part was modeled directly off of a real flown Apollo tether hook. We have included a photo of a real Apollo tether assembly for reference.
Like the original, the locking button had red and green painted bands, Red indicating Unsafe /unlocked and green for Safe/ locked. Also like the original, There is a spring plunger that registers the lock button in its locked / safe position.
The original Apollo hook had a clevis pin to hold the webbing tether, (see last photo of real hook) this version uses a 10-32 stainless set screw, to make it easier to change straps. 
This hook is fitted with a 3.5″ brown herringbone weave webbing strap with a handy “keyring”. This is a similar webbing to the material used on the flown tether hooks. (We have included a photo of Neil Armstrong’s flown tether hook, used as he descended the ladder of the LM- Last photo)
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