Orbital Surplus has been adding to our continuing line of aerospace replicas.

Like our Apollo Hatch, these high quality Lunar tool replicas are machined in aluminum and stainless steel. Many of these replicas are built from blueprints, or detailed and accurate drawings created directly from originals.

Apollo Tether Hook:

The Apollo tether hook was used on all Apollo missions, for a number of applications.

When Neil Armstrong descended the LM ladder the first time, he used a short safety lanyard with one of the hooks attached. For transferring the lunar samples from the surface, up to the LM ascent stage, a “clothesline” like apparatus was used, and it had these hooks on either end. They were also used on Skylab, on the spacewalk tethers. Our replica was created directly from one of these Skylab safety hooks.

These hooks have remained in use, and a variation of this same hook is used on the ISS currently.

They have a “snap” action button that sets the hook into a “locked” (green) state where the lever cannot be depressed. With the button in the open position (red) the lever can be toggled to open the hook.

Our replica comes with a short 4″ herringbone weave webbing strap (of a similar type used on the mission safety straps) with a clevis for attaching keys and and the like.

Apollo Part Number: SEB 33100200-303

Dim: 1.5″ W. 1″ D. 5.2″ L. (Hook only) Strap 4″ L.


Apollo Large Brush:

The large brush was flown on Apollo 15, 16 & 17. Designed to clean off the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) solar panels. It features a 1″ x 5″ soft brush, mounted into an adjustable handle. The brush head can be set to 90, 45 and 180 degrees by compressing the two oval locking buttons on either side of the handle. This same mechanism was used on many of the Apollo tools. This short handle is designed to fit into an extension handle (sold separately)

Apollo Part Number: SBD 39105209-001

Dim. 5″ W. 1.2″ D. 14″ L.

Actual Apollo Large Brush on display in the Smithsonian Air & Space museum, Washington DC.


Apollo 32″ Long Tongs:

There were 2 sizes of grabbing tools or Tongs, used on the Apollo missions. The larger of the 2 is this 32″ version. This replica has stainless steel tines and is spring loaded in the closed position. Squeezing the handles together, opens the grabber.

Apollo Part Number: SBD 39105209-001

Dim. 2.1″ W. 3.2″ D. 32″ L.

Actual Apollo Long Tongs on display in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Washington DC.