A limited edition

Detailed and Full Size Accurate Replica in Machined Metal.

CM Hatch with Lunar Post Flight Exterior finish

Hatch details are accurate to the post flight Apollo 11 hatch now in the National Air and Space Museum.

Options available for wall mounting (see last 3 pictures) or floor display.Mounting frame shown in black powder coat.

(Pictured display base for photos only.)

Remotely controlled latching mechanism

4 Button Remote control for latch actuation

Closeup of BPC release, gearbox and pump handle.

Hatch mounting hinge in the closed position.

Hatch mounting hinge in the open position.

Exterior finished option: Lunar Mission Post Flight “splashdown”. Exterior covered with real Aluminized Kapton film.

All hatches are custom finished to the customers choice of exterior finish, level of aging and display options. Wall mount or floor display.

Both display stand options allow the hatch to be fully rotated for choice of interior or exterior display.

Exterior finishes use real Aluminized Kapton (when applicable) that is the same material as flown on the Lunar missions. For low Earth orbit, Skylab missions, the exterior was painted white.

Exterior finish available in the following options:

  • As launched, Lunar Mission – Aluminized (Mirror) Kapton covered, with graphics
  • As Launched, Skylab – White painted exterior, with graphics
  • Post Flight, Lunar Mission (shown) – with burnt Kapton and damaged graphics.
  • Post Flight, Skylab – with burn marks on damaged white surface and damaged graphics.
  • Post flight, cleaned surface (As displayed in most museums) No graphics.

Wall mount frame in gray powder coat

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